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At least you just looked rough on Sunday morning!

Some people look like their dogs -
Some people look like their partners -
Some people look like failed biological experiments -

Some coaches end up looking like their team!

Watch "BIOLOGICAL BLACKIE" (the pie clubman of the year) mysteriously change from a podgy pie-eating Adonis into Neil Hamilton into pseudo Maori warrior! Scary or what?

Statto Time 2003/04

If you want some boring stats about who has played how many matches, who has scored, how many tries Bob McBain has gifted the opposition, etc. can be found here

Charity Walk 2004
Photos of the event

Another trip down memory lane
This time we visit 28 March 1998 - Whitbread Cup

A memorable weekend occured - we won the cup tie - a sophisticated night in Huntly/Elgin followed - and to top it all off the hospitality from British Airways was second to none.

So, if you want to read the match report and see the squad photo click here.

Yet another trip down memory lane (in fact two weeks after the one above)
This time we visit 11 April 1998 - Whitbread Cup quarter final

Click here for yet another Mike Skinner masterpiece (I'm sure there is a match report hidden amongst all the big words!)

The guestbook is full of SRFC player spotting. Does this photo show the Northern Isles version of the Beverley Sisters?

Captain Brian Murphy and the Shetland NDL squad presented with the North District League trophy

The full Shetland squad.

(All photographs on this page copyright Gordon Stove)

In all the 125 years since rugby has been played in Shetland, last weekend has been hailed as perhaps the most momentous. Following a season of outstanding commitment the Shetland senior team was officially presented with the North District League trophy, if this was not enough, the inaugural Under 18 Inter-county was held and the second Northlink Vikings Tournament was staged at the Clickimin.

The Vikings Tournament was established with the aim of promoting competition between Scotlandís three most northerly clubs. Unfortunately this year Caithness were unable to attend but the tourney carried on in a round robin basis between defending champions North Zetland, their local rivals Westside Fugelhammers and Orkneyís Currie Cup champions, East.

Westside Fugelhammers 12 Orkney East 15

The first game saw a clash between the challengers for the trophy. The Westside started brightly and put the East under considerable pressure. However, poor handling and indiscipline meant that they were unable to capitalise on their territorial advantage. East soaked up the pressure and registered the first score after a strong run by a guest player Ken Milligan, from McLaren FPs.

The next period of play was characterised by the probing runs of Andrew Hough of the Westside and Kevin Pepper of East. The Orkney side finished the half strongly with Stephen Kemp crashing over for another unconverted try.

The Westside came out fired up in the second half and quick hands and strong running saw Robert McBain go over in the corner.

Andrew Hough continued to make some trademark runs but all too often the support was not there to make the score.

The West were to rue these missed opportunities as East scored an opportunistic try through Colin Chadwick. The full back chased well to gather a probing kick to extend Eastís lead.

West responded quickly to this setback and scored after a powerful run from bullocking, Bruce Whakaari. Whakaari converted the try but it was too late for West with the East edging the contest by three points.

North Zetland 26 Westside Fugelhammers 0

The defending champions started with a bang scoring within the first minute of play. Paddy OíConnor scythed through the Westside defence and dummied the full back to score. North Zetland continued to dominate the half and scored again through Martin Sidgwick who broke several tackles before crossing the line. Further opportunities for North were spurned due to poor passing and failure to capitalise on overlaps.

The second half saw North continuing to dominate through strong runs from both backs and forwards epitomised by Neil Hamilton who got the biggest cheer of the day when he dumped John Roy Nicolson unceremoniously on his derriere. North added to their tally with further tries from Ian Jamieson and Brian Murphy. Robert Geddes was successful in converting all but one of the tries to give a final score of 26-0 as Chris Hamer blew for full time.

North Zetland 17 Orkney East 12

With both teams winning their first games this match became the tournament decider. Good tactical kicking by both teams was the main feature of the opening period of play. The game was tight and North opened the scoring with a penalty kick by Robert Geddes from just outside the East 22. Further North pressure brought the first try of the game. Veteran Lock Forbes Hogg made a fine break, which was carried on by the cheeky stepping of Geddes. Geddes fed David Thomson who blazed down the touchline to finish under the posts making the conversion an easy one.

East responded well and were only prevented from scoring by a great try saving tackle by full back Derek Ross.

North made the most of their next foray into East territory when Ian Jamieson gathered a loose ball, picked his line and accelerated past the defence to score under the posts. The half ended with the defending champions in a seemingly commanding position.
East were determined that the trophy would not be remaining North of the Roost and proceeded to put the North under tremendous pressure.

A series of assaults on the North line eventually resulted in a score for scrum half Davy Campbell, which he converted.

North responded with a fine attacking move which turned pear shaped when wily Lindsay Leslie intercepted the try scoring pass and launched a counter attack which saw Colin Chadwick run in under the posts. This brought East to within five points, setting up a thrilling finale to the competition. East went on an all out offensive and only resolute defending by the North kept them at bay.
There was much relief from the home support when referee Paul Woods blew the final whistle, which meant the trophy would be travelling up the Kames that night.

The North victory was built upon a solid forward platform, the 90 stone front five of Roddy Christie-Henry, David Smith, Neil Hamilton, Forbes Hogg and John Tait. Hooker, Smith took several against the head and threw well to jumpers, Gavin Calder and Colin Kirkness and Scott Hatrick was menacing in the loose.

Club captain Brian Murphy hailed the tournament as a great success and was especially encouraged by the fact that all three teams fielded several players who had taken part in the Junior Inter County and who had all acquitted themselves well on Saturday, surely a most positive sign for rugby in the Northern Isles.

For more photos follow this link.

For even more photos this time provided by 'John the Kiwi' this link.

Under 18 Intercounty
Friday 9th April

First meeting at this level.

Orkney U18's beat their Shetland counterparts 0-72. Scorers;K Pepper(3), J Linklater(2 & 6 Con), M Flett, T Huggard, R Walter, C Gillon, A Thomson, G Kemp and S Anderton.

Orkney showed their superior experience but Shetland should take heart from their dogged determination, never letting their heads down and striving to get on the score board, alas to no avail.

At the end of the day we have won the league!
Message from North District League Sec.
Consider yourselves, officially, North District League champions for 2003-4! Technically, ICD's results should be scrubbed from the table, leaving you and Aboyne with 8 points from 5 games but with your points difference as 246/23 against Aboyne's 125/94. Graeme Robb in the P&J awarded the points for their game against ICD to Aboyne but their points difference is not affected, although I believe a 20-0 win is the usual way of recording the result. You still win the League! Finally, you beat Aboyne, and to be fair Aboyne accept it, fair and square. Who'd be a bloody Secretary!

So it appears to be a happy viking after all.

And finally... A conspiracy theory!
According to the Scotsman newspaper:

A group of Norwegian nationalists has laid claim to Orkney and Shetland - claiming the islands were pawned when the deal was struck in 1468.

The Vinjammer Kabe group has written to the Oslo parliament demanding that it opens negotiations with the Scottish executive. It says King Christian of Norway and Denmark used the islands as collateral for a 50,000-florin loan. It is commonly understood the islands were given to King James III of Scotland as dowry for Margaret, King Christianís daughter.

"King Christian was broke and needed the money," said a spokesman for Vinjammer Kabe. "As a guarantee for this mortgage, the Orkney islands were pawned." Shetland was also handed over to alleviate cash-flow problems.

Alistair Carmichael, MP for Orkney and Shetland, said: "We are keen to forge strong links to Scandinavia, but I feel that this idea may be a step too far."

Is this a cunning plan to stop Shetland being promoted?

Shetland RFC on a different type of 'waves'.
If you want to hear the John Beattie radio interview with our dynamic duo of Brian and John then click on Johns head. It's quite large 1Mb for about 5 mins.

If anyone wants to hear the full show try here. The last part of the show is a commentary of the first few minutes of the match.

Yet another March tour.
In March 1997 the club ventured down to Aberdeen for a long, perhaps too long weekend.
Two matches were played, two matches were lost.
The first match against Aberdeen Wanderers, the second against Gordonians thirds.

Times have certainly changed. Seven years after this tour we beat Gordonians by almost the same score that they then beat us.

The scanned matchreports file is quite large and the quality is a bit poor. But here it is.

Memory Lane - do you remember 1995?
This Saturday is the Wales v Scotland match.
Many will have forgotten that 9 years ago Shetland Rugby Club ventured south to watch the same countries play at Murrayfield.
To justify the tour we also played Linlithgow and Leith.

So, can you remember who went on the tour? What the scores were? Why the tourists were split over 3 guesthouses?
If you can also answer why - out of 28 tourists - we only have 7 who are still playing in any form then you are doing well.
If you want to try and guess the tourists from their 1995 nicknames and also read the match reports click here.

It was also back in 1995 that the BBC came up to film us play against RAF Saxa Vord and use the footage as part of the build up to the Scotland England match that year.
Have a look at the match report and also wonder why a Gaelic song by Runrig was used as the music for the clip.

So have a little look at the class of 1995

We're in the national press

Article in the 'Daily Record' newspaper. Including interview with Wayne.