Shetland is on longitude 01W of Greenwich and straddles latitude 60N. It is 598 miles (962km) north of London and just 400 miles south of the Arctic Circle. This is as far north as St Petersburg, Russia, or Anchorage, Alaska. Cape Farewell and the southern tip of Greenland. For anyone who really cares we are 211 miles from Aberdeen and 298 miles from Edinburgh, while Bergen in Norway is just 225 miles away.

It might seem as if we are quite a distance away but it isn't that bad.
You also have to remember that we have at least 10 away trips each season.

You have a choice in the methods of travelling from mainland Scotland to Shetland (If travelling from Iceland, Faroe, Norway or Denmark click here). You can choose from either going by boat or by air.
Click for Lerwick, United Kingdom Forecast So anyone who has a phobia about flying or happens to get sea sick may not relish the prospect of visiting the islands.

If you require more touristy type information try the Shetland Tourist site here.

If you are planning a rugby trip to Shetland please contact our travel secretary John-Roy Nicolson or fixtures secretary John Tait who will be happy to offer advise or give details of special discounts.

P.S. Just in case your team brings supporters on the trip. There is a pub open from 8.00 am mon - sat. Captain Flints at the Market Cross.

There is a large, modern Youth Hostel in Lerwick. The tourist site has a large amount of info. on places to stay. The Clickimin Leisure Centre has a camp site but the site is only open during the tourist season.

In Shetland
Shetland RFC have their pitch at the Clickimin Leisure Centre in Lerwick.
The centre is approximately 0.5 of a mile from the ferry terminal.
On the way you pass such interesting sights as the local Co-op supermarket and Shetlands only shopping mall.

By Sea
By sea from either Aberdeen or Kirkwall.
Northlink currently have the contract to provide ferries.
The journey is normally pretty good. It does last for roughly 14 hours, but this allows for a lot of team 'bonding'.
Northlink leaves Aberdeen at 5pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. All other days it leaves at 7pm. It gets in at 7.30am regardless of what time it set out at the night before. Tuesday sailing leaves at 7pm in the winter (always best to check with Northlink just in case they alter the schedule).
Passengers should check in at least 30mins before the boat is dues to leave, but they do not need to leave the boat until 10.00am
The ferry terminal in Aberdeen is pretty near the city centre. Easy walking distance from both the train and bus stations.
The Northlink Ferries site has directions and information on nearby parking.

There is also the Quarterdeck Pub right next to the terminal.
For additional refreshments the Northlink ferry bars have very liberal closing times.
Train details from the Scotrail site here

By Air
You can travel by air via Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Wick, Kirkwall or Aberdeen.
More information from British Airways
Flights take 1 hour from Aberdeen, 1 hour 20 mins direct from Edinburgh. Glasgow, Inverness and some Edinburgh flights are not direct and thewrefore take a little longer.

Sumburgh airport is situated as far south in Shetland as there is.
It's 25 miles from Lerwick. Getting from Sumburgh to Lerwick is fairly straight forward as there is only the one road. No trains or anything fancy like that.

From Iceland/ Faroe & Scandanavia
There are now sailings from Iceland and the Faroe Islands, from Bergen in Norway and from Denmark, plus fights from Oslo during the summer.
Smyril also sails to:
Iceland-Shetland (via Faroe) Thursdays
Faroe-Shetland Fridays & Mondays
Denmark-Shetland (via Faroe) Saturdays
Norway-Shetland Tuesdays

Smyril Line has more details on the sailings and Wideroe airline offers the summer flights from Oslo.